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Living Streets Scotland is celebrating National Walking Month with the May Walk of Fame!

Schools across Scotland will be recording their active journeys to school for a chance to star on the Walk of Fame daily leaderboard.

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What is the Walk of Fame?

The Living Streets Scotland Walk of Fame is a friendly, country-wide challenge that encourages schoolchildren to engage in active travel. Now in its seventh year, the competition runs quarterly as part of WOW - the year round walk to school challenge, in which pupils record their journeys to school and earn monthly badges.

Pupils record their journeys in the Living Streets Activity Tracker, and can record journeys made by walking or wheeling, cycling, scooting or skating, or by Park & Stride. Earlier this year, Living Streets added new functions to the Tracker to allow pupils learning at home to record exercise at home, walking, scooting, cycling, and the Daily Mile

During the Walk of Fame, Living Streets Scotland publishes a daily list of the most active schools on Twitter, using #ScotlandWalkOfFame. Certificates and spot prizes are distributed to some of the most active and engaged schools and classes along the way.

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Each year, the quarterly Walk of Fame challenges provide a boost in active travel in Scottish primary schools. Schools that take part in WOW see an average 23% increase in pupils walking to school and a corresponding drop in car use; reducing congestion outside the school gates, increasing safety and helping in the fight against air pollution – all whilst children benefit from being more active.

Living Streets has joined the Daily Mile, Paths for All, Scotland’s Active Nation Commissioner and Scottish Government partners to encourage families to reclaim the joy of movement and travel to school in an active way. 

Taking part in the Walk of Fame

The Walk of Fame is simple to take part in. Pupils continue logging journeys on the WOW Activity Tracker as normal – and this year, all pupils both at school and at home can log their activity. It’s a combination of engagement and activity that make for a high placing on the Walk of Fame, so the more classes tracking at your school, the better!

To help encourage classes at your school to take part please print or share the classroom guide with your three-word classroom access code.

So that children learning at home can also log their daily physical activity, we suggest that you provide parents/carers with your usual classroom access code and this short . Alternatively, you can log pupils’ activity as part of your teaching video call each day.




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