Nicole*, Living Streets Supporter.



Nicole* got in touch with Living Streets to tell us her #WalkBecause about the special place she has made for walking in her working day...


I # walk because

Why do I love to walk to work? Honestly, I really don't like my job all that much and it's the best part of the day.

Walking to work requires a slow swagger so I can enjoy the outdoors a bit more before being trapped in an airless office - or worse, an office pumping out air conditioning.

I walk in the mornings and evenings to the station even though getting on a bus would be quicker. I've thought of walking to a station a bit further away and then catching a bus or train from there - undecided about that one; falling asleep at my desk might be good for me. I could call it a power nap. I'm not sure my employers would be too joyous at the idea, though. Spoil sports.

I used to walk all the way to my old job - it was the best! No huffing and puffing on the trains while having your face squashed into a door or worse. No languishing under someone's armpit.

It was pure bliss walking across parks, listening to music, singing with the birds - well mostly the pigeons who looked at me suspiciously probably jealous of my happiness. It was truly splendiferous.

Now I'm in the middle of town so I walk to/from station and try to take the longest route to the office so as not to return to my desk too soon, hahaha. I also take long walks at lunchtime.

The streets are far busier where I work now. I wonder how many of them are walking for the same reasons as me.

* the author's name has been changed to protect his/her anonymity.


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