Want to raise the bar and get people moving at lunchtime? Our Monitoring and Evaluation manager, Tim, has come up with a tasty idea.

We’re all guilty of eating ‘al desko’, and not actually leaving the office once throughout the entire working day. This is a (frankly daft) habit that obviously needs to be broken...

1. Sitting for long periods of time has been shown to dramatically increase your chances of suffering from mental and physical health problems.

2. Taking a break and getting some exercise in the middle of the day energises you and refreshes your brain, increasing your productivity in the afternoon. You can help overcome this terrible tendency with a food exclusionary zone (or FEZ). Here's one the Living Streets' London office used during Walk to Work Week 2015 - click to view larger


Create your own FEZ

For one week you may not purchase or eat your lunch within the FEZ. Take a walk out and about, find some new spaces and discover the surrounding area.

Food exclusion zone setup instructions:

• Search for your workplace on your preferred map tool (Google, MapIt etc)
• Print the map and draw a line around the area to be your food exclusion zone (we recommend roughly one mile in diameter)
• Put the map up in a prominent place in the office
• Let all staff know about the challenge by sending them a short email
• Encourage staff to use the stickers to mark good food places they find.