Taking part in Living Streets' Walk Challenge is the best time to break one of modern life's worst habits - eating al desko.

Feeling groggy, with your head in a spin and wondering how you’re going to get your ‘to do’ list completed today? Take a break.

A lot of us are guilty of eating lunch at our desks and barely moving during the working day. But we really should.

Living Streets has found that half of Britain’s workers eat lunch at their desks at least four times a week. This means that many of us aren’t getting any exercise or fresh air during our working week.

By giving your eyes, brain and body a break from sitting at a computer all day you will be a lot more productive and will reduce the chance of feeling stressed.

Walking just one step uses 200 muscles and these muscles pump oxygen round our bodies. This in turn makes us more alert and much more productive.

So when you next think that you can’t possibly tear yourself away from your desk at lunchtime, please remember that you will get a lot more done if you pop out for a bit!


Catch up with friends. Whether on the phone to your besties or catching up with work colleagues.
Explore local history. There may be some hidden gems mere metres from your office. You won’t know if you don’t look.  
Go for a run/swim/cycle
Spot nature in your nearest park
Write a novel (it could happen!)
To celebrate Living Streets' Walk Challenge, we're encouraging everyone to go out for a lunchtime walk and tell us what they discover.

We'd love you to join us. You can tweet photos of whatever it is you get up to – just make sure you include @livingstreets