Pupils all over the UK are taking to their feet for Walk To School Week. Isaac Pullan, an 18-year-old student at Ullswater Community College in Penrith, is taking things one step further.

Every day during May, Isaac is walking a 10-mile journey to school to raise money for African Promise, a charity supporting children in rural Kenya.

It means getting up at 4am every day before stepping out on a three-hour trip to make sure he gets to school on time.

Isaac Pullen
Isaac Pullen

A couple months back, I set out on a walk to school one morning. This was inspired through me wanting to maintain a healthy schedule and lifestyle.

Some way into the journey it dawned on me that a lot of young children around the globe would have no choice but to commit to a similar distance to attend their education. It led me to question how well they could be expected to learn after walking miles to get there? What other factors would children have to deal with to obtain an education?

That is when I stumbled across African Promise and was humbled by both the efforts of the children and the project. I believe education is the foundation for understanding and development in the world we see today.

If we are to see changes in poverty, climate change and other major issues, we need everyone to have a decent education. African Promise delivers the opportunity for that change and provides an environment where young children can thrive and flourish in their learning. 

“I am walking 10 miles to school each day in May because others have no choice but to do the same. I believe education is really vital for everybody, and I think everybody should have the same opportunities.”


Isaac has been documenting his walks as he makes the 10-mile journey to school. 

By the end of National Walking Month, he will have covered 200 miles to raise money for African Promise. 


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