Walking Cities: Oxford Street

Our campaign to make Oxford Street a world-class place for walking.

Artist's impression of a vehicle-free Oxford Street

Walking Cities: Edinburgh

Call for the city to put people at the heart of Edinburgh and make it a world class city for walking.

Walking Cities: West Midlands

What we are calling for in the West Midlands.

Walking Cities: Manchester

What we are calling for in Greater Manchester.

Walking Cities: London

London's streets are changing. Let's make it for the better by putting people first and realising our vision o…

National Walking Month 2018

May is National Walking Month. #Try20 and Rate Your Walk - help us create a walking nation.

Rate Your Walk

Tell us about your everyday walks and help us build a Walking Nation.


Call for a pavement parking ban in Scotland

We should all be able to walk on pavements without worrying about vehicles blocking our way.

Walking Cities: Cardiff

Cardiff is a target Walking City, we want the Cardiff Leader to make the city "a great place for active travel…

Walking Cities

Call for cities that are designed around people not vehicles.


Be a Snow Angel

This winter, help ensure neighbours with limited mobility are not trapped indoors because of icy streets.


International Walk to School Month

October is International Walk to School Month, when thousands of children across the world will be celebrating…

Get Wales Walking

Help us create a walking Wales – healthier, cleaner, safer and more connected.