A group of campaigners talking on the street near Kings Cross

Our Local Groups help build a walking nation one street, community, town and city at a time.

Sadly, a legacy of designing our cities around cars has left many streets unattractive places to walk, cycle or use public transport.

The time has come for us to create more liveable, healthier streets across the UK and to demand for practical and effective actions that make that happen.

Our local groups work with the local council, other neighbourhood groups and local residents to make streets fitter for walking. Whether that’s a new dropped kerb, getting new schemes modified or securing 20 mph limits across the board, our groups are winning changes big and small that make a real difference to people in their area.

Join a Local Group or with our help set one up. 

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No Local Group in your area?

Don't panic, you can set up your own. Setting up a Local Group needn’t be daunting. We can help you each step of the way.

We also:

  • Help you promote the Group in your area
  • Give your Local Group a web page
  • Provide a wide range of campaign resources to help your group take action locally
  • Give branding and marketing advice
  • Offer a small grant to cover administration costs.

All Local Groups sign up to our helpful Local Groups Charter which outlines the support you will be given in full. To find out more please email aisha.hannibal@livingstreets.org.uk.

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