Perth Area Living Streets is a group of volunteers who want low-traffic, low-speed, pollution-free streets for people.

We think walking and cycling should be the natural choices for short journeys. We would like outside space which is pleasant to be in, where people want to spend time and chat with their neighbours. Children should be able to play out safely in their own neighbourhoods. We want to live in a place where people want to walk or cycle because it's safe, pleasant, quick, cheap & friendly.   Breathing clean air is more than a right, it's a physiological need. If it's good for a child, it's good for us all.  

The reality today though is that pollution is now the world's biggest killer. In Scotland, it kills 50 people per week. Perth has some great natural assets in the river, the park, the gardens and the woodland, yet many people in Perth feel worried about crossing roads. Children are trapped indoors by traffic, their lungs irreversibly damaged by walking in adults' pollution. People drive in and into Perth city because walking or cycling is so unpleasant or dangerous and because there is a car culture.

The issues that crop up in local community council meetings are largely about what happens on our streets: parking, speeding, traffic volume, pollution, litter, anti-social behaviour.  We want caring, responsible, connected communities & we think the design of our outdoor space can help achieve that. The social, health, economic and environmental benefits of active travel and healthier streets are clear.  What isn't clear is why, in Perth, our council policies are still so car-focused.

We would like walking and cycling to be given top priority over other forms of travel in all council transport and planning policies to reflect the national sustainable transport hierarchy. From there naturally follows the reallocation of road space for people and active travel and the introduction of low traffic, child-friendly neighbourhoods. We would see road-crossings that don't cause people concern and the implementation of 20mph limits across Perth city.

From understanding what people living on your street want we can make partnerships and bid for funding to make these sorts changes happen. So please, join us: come to a meeting, tell us your stories or email us, your local group. 

Just so you know, below you're contacting a local volunteer, not the national charity.    

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