Do you think more could be done to make walking in Leicester a better experience? The council have made improvements but there is a lot still to do.

We are a group of local people who campaign for streets fitter for walking in Leicester. This includes things like better and more crossings, reducing pavement parking and being the voice of pedestrians in Leicester and the wider county.

We are welcoming new people to our group to be able to increase our campaigning locally. We used to have a large number of active members and now want to rebuild our membership support.

Some of the issues we have campaigned for recently include:

- Crossings in key places
- More time to cross at pedestrian crossings
- Problems with shared space for pedestrians and cyclists
- Poor pavement maintenance
- Seating with back rests
- Wider pavements or pavements where there aren’t any
- Lower traffic speeds and more greenery to reduce noise and air pollution
- Dropped kerbs for buggies and people with disabilities

If these are areas of interest for you and you would like to help campaign, or if you are passionate about other issues for pedestrians, such as walking to school, please get in touch.

We are hoping to arrange a walk so that we can visit some problem locations in the city so that we can talk to the council about resolving them.
Get involved with the Leicester Living Streets Group by contacting them below.

Get involved with the Leicester Living Streets Group by contacting them below via our Local Engagement Coordinator.


Contact our group

If you would like to find out more and to get involved with this group please contact our Engagement Manager: