We are Croydon Living Streets, a group of volunteers working to make everyday walking safer, easier and more enjoyable across our community.

Croydon is one of south London's oldest towns and one of the few places where it is still possible to wander through the remnant of the ancient Great North Wood, but unfortunately our town centre now is better known for its semi-complete urban motorway. We are proud of our council for wholeheartedly supporting play streets and launching a 'School Streets' road closure scheme for local schools, but we think more-much more- needs to be done, and soon.

We hope you will join us in campaigning for better, safer streets for all in Croydon and would like to invite you to one of our monthly walking meetings. Please follow us on facebook and twitter for further details and for updates on other Living Streets news and events.

Just so you know, below you're contacting a local volunteer, not the national charity.

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