Our aim is make walking and cycling safer and more enjoyable for everyone who lives, works, studies or visits Chislehurst. We do not expect traffic to disappear, we simply ask that those driving in and through our home do so more slowly and considerately. We ask that in our interest; but also in theirs. In recent years the number of people killed or injured on our roads has risen, against the general trend for suburban London.

Our campaign priorities are:

  • a Chislehurst-wide 20 mph zone;
  • a significantly enlarged network of safe pedestrian crossing points - zebras and pelicans;
  • wider and safer pavements, especially in and around our schools;
  • traffic calming measures at all key junctions and along the various secondary routes that cut through our neighbourhood, plus speed warning signs; and
  • an enlarged network of designated cycleways.

Those priorities respond directly to the concerns of local people:

  • too few of our schools are easily and safely reached on foot;
  • too many of our elderly are fearful of crossing main roads to reach Chislehurst village;
  • too many collisions are the direct result of unsafe speed;
  • too few journeys are made on foot or bicycle.

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