If you have ever walked beneath Mancunian Way on a rain-soaked night and felt unsafe and afraid, or taken a cab the short distance home, rather than cross the desolation of a ring-road that severs the city-centre from its suburbs, then Central Manchester Living Streets Group is for you.

If you have ever questioned why your public squares are half given over to carparks, or why Deansgate turns into a motor speedway the moment it passes Castlefield, then together we have an opportunity to do something about it.

Central Manchester Living Streets Group is dedicated to turning the heart of Greater Manchester into a pedestrian powerhouse by campaigning for better, safer, and more attractive streets and public spaces.

With a flat, compact geography and a young and growing population who live, work and play within its limits, Central Manchester should be a haven for pedestrians. But cars are still given top priority: they choke our narrow Victorian streets, making the city a hostile environment for those going about their daily lives and staining the first impressions of those visiting from elsewhere. Add to this, poorly designed and badly maintained public spaces (hello Piccadilly Gardens) and what should be a source of civic pride for all Mancunians is treated as a surface carpark for the convenience of a few.

Today, there is a hope that the problem is beginning to be taken seriously, as shown by the appointment of a Cycling and Walking Commissioner for Greater Manchester. But there is much work still to be done and Central Manchester Living Streets Group plans to engage with and persuade the Mayor and local councils to go further, and help shape a better future for Manchester’ streets.

Don’t walk away in silence. Join us today and help improve Central Manchester for all pedestrians.

Just so you know, below you're contacting a local volunteer, not the national charity.


Contact our group

If you would like to find out more and to get involved with this group please contact our Engagement Manager: aisha.hannibal@livingstreets.org.uk