Tackling air pollution in Bath - join us

Are you worried about the levels of air pollution in Bath? Do you want to do something about it?  Research shows that switching off engines when parked significantly reduces pollution levels in the street.

Become a Bath Clean Air Champion. We are looking for volunteers to join Idling Action Bath.  We have organised anti-idling events targeting two of our most congested wards - Abbey and Walcot. Idling, leaving your engine running while parked, is an unnecessary source of pollution.  By asking drivers who are idling their engines when parked for over a minute to switch off, we can make our streets a cleaner place.

If you’d like more information visit www.idlingactionbath.org, or email bathcleanair@gmail.com


About the Group


Working alongside Transition Bath Transport and Built Environment Group,we are a committed group of local residents who promote walking and active travel as a safe, enjoyable and easy way of getting around Bath. We aim to influence policy-makers to achieve a shift from private to public transport, reduce our carbon footprint, relieve urban congestion, improve air quality and create a safer environment for walking and cycling.

We actively engage with the Council, and respond to consultations on any issues that affect walking, public realm and transport such as the Public Realm and Movement Strategy, the Joint Local Transport Plan 3 (JLTP3), DofT Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy and Eastern Bath Park and Ride.

We support and encourage those who are already active in making a difference, such as Cycle Bath, Bath Bus Users Group and TravelWatch South West.

Our goals are:

  • Reducing air pollution which is almost double the EU limit, particularly in central Bath
  • Encouraging the creation of traffic free and public shared spaces within all parts of the city
  • Walking given the top priority over other forms of travel in all council transport and planning policies
  • Reducing the volume of motorised traffic and its impact on people using the street
  • Better designed and maintained pavements, road crossings and other pedestrian facilities
  • Cutting “rat runs” that blight many residential streets, especially around schools
  • Affecting planning policy to encourage sustainable housing over car-dominated development
  • Improving and greening up public transport including trains, buses, trams and river transport
  • Influencing the annual council capital maintenance programme to maximise the benefits for walkers
  • Decreasing excessive car speeds and supporting the 20mph initiative
  • Mitigating the impact of the school run
  • Supporting the development of pedestrian-friendly cycle infrastructure
  • Greening our streets with more trees, flowers and planting
  • Promoting planning that reduces the need for long travel.

We meet on the third Thursday of each month at 7.15pm at The New Inn, 23 Monmouth Place, Bath BA1 2AY, upstairs in the right-hand side bar. Most of our communication is through email, so please contact us on the address below.

We would like to grow the number of our supporters and campaigners, so please come along to the local group with any issues that concern you.  We are always looking for exciting projects to get involved in where we can begin to make a difference in a city we all love and care about.

Contact our group

If you would like to find out more and to get involved with this group please contact our Engagement Manager: aisha.hannibal@livingstreets.org.uk