Wales: A Manifesto for Walking

Public health. Air pollution Climate change. Transport. These are all big issues in the 2021 Senedd Cymru elections.

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Tell your Senedd candidates:
"I choose walking, do you?"

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We are calling on all politicians to create a Wales where:

Girls walking


People on foot feel relaxed and safe

Investing in street improvements, road space reallocation to walking and cycling, a default 20mph speed limit in urban areas, a ban on pavement parking and more, safer road crossings.



People can breathe clean air 

Prioritise the climate emergency, implement a Clean Air Act for Wales, introducing Clean Air Zones around all Welsh schools, delivering anti-idling measures and plan for more urban green spaces and green corridors where people can walk and cycle, contributing towards a goal of net zero carbon emissions in our towns and cities.

Father and son walking


Families choose to walk to school and work

Set ambitious targets for children walking to school and for adults choosing active travel at least three times a week. Investment in active travel in Wales should be at least £20 per head. Ensure routes to school and work are safer, cleaner and less congested.

Everyone in Wales should be able to live an active, healthy and easy life without a car. This is not the case in too many places. We want politicians from all parties to commit to creating walkable neighbourhoods and reducing car dependency, tackling loneliness, reducing pollution and getting more people walking.

We can reimagine our cities, towns and villages so we reduce car dominance and everyone can walk or cycle for their everyday journeys. Meaningful improvements in carbon emissions, air quality and road safety will only be achieved with significant shift from car journeys to active forms of travel such as walking and cycling.

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