The Government is proposing to raise the 'small claims limit' for anyone who has been injured in a collision on the road. Currently £1000, they want to raise this to £5000. They say this will tackle the high number of allegedly fraudulent whiplash claims.

But we think Pedestrians should't be included in these reforms

These reforms will affect access to justice for people in collisions across England and Wales, whether they've had a whiplash injury or not. It will mean that more pedestrians will have to pay for legal support. 

Pedestrians and other vulnerable road users need protection from the negligent behaviour of others, but instead through these reforms ministers want to remove their rights and prevent them receiving vital legal assistance when they are hurt on our roads.

What do we want?

We want the Government to remove vulnerable road users from the scope of its personal injury reform programme reforms altogether.

What can you do?

Please contact your MP to oppose the increase in the 'small claims limit' for vulnerable road users or help spread the word. Click below to use the simple form produced by the Vulnerable Road Users Group.