National Walking Month



Thanks for helping us celebrate another amazing National Walking Month!



Whether it was by adding more movement to your daily routine, or adding your voice to our movement for change, our annual celebration of walking was the perfect way to mark our 90th anniversary.

Check out some of our highlights from social media across the month - and, first, find out the ways you can still get involved. After all, walking isn't only for May.

Take action

Patch that pavement pothole

Pavements should be safe for everyone. And this means better maintenance.

Email your highways authority

Research: Potholes in pavements leaving over 65s stuck indoors

Become a member

Cheering crowd

Join a walking revolution and become a Living Streets member.

Become a member

Get your free toolkit

School Streets Toolkit

Let's make the roads around school gates safer and less polluted.

School Streets Schemes

Thanks once more to Kate Humble!

We are so grateful to TV presenter and author Kate Humble for being the National Walking Month Ambassador for 2019.

"Walking is something I love to do," she said in the video she made for us, "so I’m afraid I’m going to be a bit of a bully and ask you all to try and fit a little bit more walking into your life." 

It's a message that lasts longer than just one month. Watch her video again and read her blog post about walking and mental health.


Some highlights from social media

Walk to School Week rocked once again (of course)

Happy Shoesday was a magical parade

Happy Shoesday highlights

We marked Mental Health Awareness Week

Cardiff went car-free for the day


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