Despite the considerable challenges presented by the pandemic, our Walk to School Week 2020 celebration saw unprecedented numbers of families stepping out and striding to school.

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Walk to School Week is a five-day walking challenge in which children are rewarded for walking, cycling or scooting every day of the week. During the challenge they share their experiences with classmates through our interactive activity packs.

Staying active and healthy by walking to school is now more important than ever. Walking to school also helps connect families, and children arrive in the morning refreshed and ready to learn.

Our week-long celebration this year saw more schools joining in than ever before. Thanks to additional funding provided by the Department for Transport, we were able to reach a whopping

760 schools 

what did participating schools think of the challenge?

We asked teachers from schools who took part to share their impressions on resources, impact and engagement. 

We are pleased to share with you some of the key responses.

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"children loved the stickers and badges. It was VERY engaging!"



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"Children loved the rewards and being able to work towards them. Others that could not walk due to distance or medical needs were still eager to participate. We used our 15-minute daily exercise class to help them feel included and count towards rewards".

"The packs were brilliant. I liked the stickers and badges as a motivational tool but also the activity cards were very well thought out. Parents have commented that the children loved the stickers".

"Useful to engage the children and their parents".

"The children have really enjoyed these activities and commented on how the themes affected them each day."

"Easy to use, with children able to help collect the data".

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