National Walking Month

This National Walking Month, we’re delighted to be partnering with Phoenix Group, who are setting a great example of how walking can play a key role in the promotion of wellbeing in the workplace - among staff, customers and partners.

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Longstanding supporters of the month, the life and pension firm have really gone the extra mile this year. This includes working with us to develop a bespoke Crumbs City Trail with a start and end point outside their office in London.

With such a commitment to wellbeing, with walking at its heart, it’s no wonder that Phoenix Group have achieved status as one of Britain’s Top Employers for five consecutive years.

Phoenix Group HR Director, Stephen Jefford, explains more about the Phoenix approach to wellbeing

Phoenix Group's Stephen Jefford

"The month of May is 'Wellbeing Month' at Phoenix."

The Group’s corporate responsibility programme is all about wellbeing, the physical, mental and financial wellbeing of our key stakeholders, which includes our 1,300 staff, 6.1 million policyholders and plethora of community partners.

National Walking Month is an event which we promote on an annual basis, but this year is the first time we have sponsored Living Streets with their campaign. Our wellbeing aim is for staff to get the most out of life, so we offer a varied programme of health events, tools and information in the workplace.

For National Walking Month we have worked directly with Living Streets to create a new Crumbs City Trail mobile app which explores an array of historical and natural sites around the St Paul’s area.

The walk covers 1.4miles, 3,036 steps and burns an estimated 150 calories. The trail explores famous buildings, relaxing secret city gardens and ruins from the Great Fire and Blitz. 

Crumbs City Trails



Escalators at Phoenix Group's Wythall site
Phoenix Group's Wythall site


For staff at our Wythall site we have created a walk within the site’s 42 acres, taking in various points of natural interest, including a wildflower bank, bee box, insect hotel and Koi Mirror Carp.

In addition at the Wythall site, the escalators onsite were switched off for the day on 5 May, encouraging staff to build extra steps into their day. The grounds make a perfect excuse for a lunchtime stroll or walking meeting.

Also this month, staff have been invited to participate in onsite health checks, receiving personalised reports on their cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar.

In addition, BMI, visceral fat rating and total body water percentage is revealed and compared with results from 6 months previously.  Health advisors from New Leaf Health have been on hand to discuss personalised results; assisting staff with any required lifestyle changes.  All helping to raise awareness and further improve staff wellbeing.

Other wellbeing initiatives taking place this month include a focus on healthy eating in our onsite restaurant, stress management training for general staff and a more comprehensive session for our people managers, and finally support for Dementia Awareness Week, whereby Dementia Friend sessions are being run onsite. 

All helping to make Phoenix Group one of the UK’s Top Employers, and an avid supporter of Britain’s Healthiest Workplace.

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It's National Walking Month

#Try20 and #RateYourWalk as you #WalkThisMay.

National Walking Month 2017