We are not alone in calling for a vehicle-free Oxford Street as soon as possible.

On 22 November, we visited central London with a group of campaigners from the RNIB to share ideas about how a traffic-packed Oxford Street feels for people with visual impairment - and how much better it could be when this iconic street puts people first.


Oxford Street is at breaking point.
This is our chance to fix it

It’s great that Sadiq Khan has made pedestrianising Oxford Street a priority. However opposition groups threaten to water down proposals, delay them - or even stop it happening at all.

That's why we are continuing to strengthen the case for pedestrianisation by working with partners like the RNIB.

People walking

Let's be clear - Oxford Street is at breaking point - seriously congested, highly polluted and dangerously overcrowded.

A pedestrian is involved in a collision approximately every seven days. So with the 150,000 extra visitors a day forecast once Crossrail is opened, it is vitally important that Mayor Khan stick to the plan announced earlier this year.

Our goal is to transform what is currently, a no-go area for many people into one of London's most cherished public spaces.

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On our visit on 22 November we joined Martin, Elise and Mohammed, campaigners from the RNIB.

We asked them about how the street currently feels for people with visual impairments - and what pedestrianisation would mean for them, personally.

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