Parent and two children walking

Living Streets has been running a one year project as part of the Sheffield Age Better programme, which was funded by the Big Lottery.

To mark Older People's Day on 1 October, here you can listen to participants talk about how walking (and working) with Living Streets' project coordinator, Annie, has helped them.


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The Meadows

Annie went to speak to Joan, John and June, just three of the people she has met as part of the Sheffield Age Better programme, about the benefits they get from walking regularly - and what the future holds once the one-year project finishes.

The Meadows walking team

Norma and the TARA

Annie met Norma while working with the Sheffield Age Better programme. Norma wants her community to have safer, more walkable streets - just one aim of her work as part of the Norwood and Bishopsholme Tenants and Residents Association (TARA).

So Annie worked with Norma to produce a report which they hope will make a difference.


A sloping verge in Norwood

Walking works

Walking is an easy long-term exercise. You only need a good pair of shoes.

And the benefits of regular walks even as short as ten minutes are truly incredible...

Encourages mobility and reduces the risks of falls.


Improves heart health and blood pressure.

Burns calories and increases metabolism.


Increases cardiovascular conditioning and improves muscle tone and strength.

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Want to make walking the first choice for people of all ages?

Living Streets Local Groups are creating a walking nation one street, community town or region at a time.

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