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THE TRANSIT  Transition – our work on the Durham County Council Travel Plan.

Children walking

Durham County Council aim to relocate offices by 2021. 

As part of their on-going travel planning, Living Streets has been supporting Durham County Council to encourage staff to explore alternative modal choices that are more sustainable such as walking, cycling and the use of public transport.

A range of public facing pledge events have been held by Living Streets to promote walking and encourage staff to consider their travel options to and from work in preparation for the relocation.  Durham County Council understands that the change in office site will have a considerable impact on employee travel choices due to the reduced number of car parking space that will be available.  Durham and Living Streets see this period as a perfect opportunity to work with staff to promote and embed sustainable travel.


The Travel Planning team are developing a fit for purpose travel plan which aims to capture the current position to ease the transition in 2021.  Living Streets are supporting the development of this document and have actions within the travel plan to support site audits of the existing and new office sites.  Living Streets will continue to work with and support Durham County Council Travel Planning, Inspire and Facilities Teams until March 2020.

Living Streets Coordinator with Durham County Council employee

Our partnership working with Living Streets has allowed a range of innovative & engaging interventions to support an increase in walking among staff at County Hall. Thus, leading to reduced congestion and improved environment whilst also benefiting the health & well-being of employees. The enthusiasm and passion that is brought from Living Streets really encourages the progression towards modal shift among all ages

Dawn Watson, Accessibility Planning Officer