John began walking to help his health

And help his health it has.

His blood pressure has gone down, the swelling in his legs has alleviated and fluid that had been in his lungs has reduced.

In fact, his hospital has recently reduced the amount of times they see John each year, because he is no longer a serious case.

John, 69, from Cambridge says: “I found that to walk was an absolute delight. I mainly go for walks near to where I live, and it has really heightened my senses, I thoroughly enjoy the sounds and sights I see and hear.”

John from Cambridge

Starting to walk was first and foremost about my health but has become about discovery and feeding my curiosity.

“Walking everyday has massively improved my legs. I had aches and pains in them for years and whenever I slept without pressure stockings the swelling of my legs would return.

“That is until I started walking. Now the swelling and my blood pressure have gone down significantly. Tests earlier this year showed that my heart condition was improving too.

“My doctor was amazed with the changes, which must be down to walking.”