Parking campaigning alliance launched

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An alliance of 16 major charities has come together to support Joe FitzPatrick MSP’s Proposed Responsible Parking (Scotland) Bill. The Responsible Parking Alliance is working to end the inconsiderate parking that stops us getting around our streets, blocking pavements and dropped kerbs. Launched tomorrow in the Scottish Parliament, Joe FitzPatrick MSP’s proposed bill aims to enforce restrictions across Scotland on pavement parking, dropped kerb parking and double parking.
Inconsiderate parking forces pedestrians onto the road and into the path of vehicles. It is a major barrier for people with visual or mobility impairments, wheelchair or mobility scooter users, families with pushchairs and cyclists. It can damage the pavement, creating additional costly obstacles.
With an ageing, less mobile population, more cars on the road and less money for maintenance, we need to prevent inconsiderate parking blocking pavements, raised crossings and dropped kerbs.
It is clear that the current situation relying on police enforcement isn’t working. The Responsible Parking Alliance want to see Scottish legislation that enables local authorities to take action against inconsiderate parking. Responsible parking means everyone can get round our communities safely.
Keith Irving, Head of Living Streets Scotland, the founder member of the alliance, said:
“83% of the public and 30 MSPs supported previous proposals on pavement and dropped kerb parking restrictions. Poorly parked vehicles inhibit the independence of many vulnerable people. The Responsible Parking Alliance is supporting Joe FitzPatrick to deliver effective legislation which treats all road users fairly and enables all of us to get around safely.”
Jane Horsburgh, Public Policy Manager for Guide Dogs Scotland, said:
“The impact of parking across dropped kerbs, crossing points, and on pavements poses significant barriers to the mobility of blind and partially sighted people, disabled, and older people, as well as families with pushchairs. That is why we at Guide Dogs Scotland support the alliance as an effective campaign for bringing about responsible parking."
Notes to editors:
1. The Responsible Parking Alliance consists of 16 major charities:
Living Streets Scotland, Age Scotland, CTC Scotland, Epilepsy Scotland, Glasgow Access Panel, Guide Dogs Scotland, Inclusion Scotland, Leonard Cheshire Disability, National Federation of the Blind of the United Kingdom, Paths for All, Quarriers, Ramblers Scotland, Scottish Accessible Transport Alliance, Scottish Disability Equality Forum, Spokes, Sustrans Scotland, Transform Scotland
2. The Responsible Parking Alliance formed in 2010 when Ross Finnie MSP consulted on Regulation of Dropped Kerbs and Pavement Parking (Scotland) Bill. He received support from 83% of consultation responses and 30 MSPs. Download a summary of consultation responses.

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